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Dear Marketer,

My name is Jack Humphrey and I have a story to tell you about search engine optimization, tracking Mountain Lions, and the key to my search engine success over the last 12 years online.

You're probably wondering if I'm serious or crazy talking about Bears and Mountain Lions and SEO at the same time.

Well that's the story...

I learned about wildife tracking in the mountains of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Northern Mexico from some of the greatest trackers of our time.

And what I learned, tracking wildlife in remote wilderness areas of North and South America, I brought to the internet. Google and I started on the web at the same time. We've grown up together. And it was a match made in heaven.

Google was the first engine to use any kind of sophistcated algorithm to rank sites based on the number of links pointing to those sites from others. Think of links like the tracks a bear leaves as it stalks its prey. A tracker sees both in pretty much the exact same way.

My tracking senses were honed on backtracking successful "kills" in the wild to find out how wildlife lived and succeeded in caring for themselves and their offspring. It was only natural for me, when I got on the web and figured out what Google was doing, to start tracking successful sites and then backtrack their links to figure out how to match their rankings and even beat them!

backtrack seo + google = YOU, Ranked!

Oddly, the same exact principles for tracking Bears in the wild applied to what Google was doing with its rankings.

Using the same tactics to derive how big, toothy, predators made their living in the wild, I was now breaking down exactly how owners of popular sites were making their living on the web!

(And you might be very surprised what the top sites on the web in tons of different niches share in common!) Hint: It wasn't in the last blog post or SEO course you've read!

I've done my own special brand of SEO pretty much the same way the entire time I've been online. For over a decade I've been building successful products, a major brand, and a multi-million dollar company with my partners and staff, based on the basic principles I brought to the web from the far reaches of some of the wildest places on the planet.

And I've never told anyone publicly exactly how I've always ranked for practically anything I want in any niche I want...

Until now...

The "Backtrack SEO" method was born 12 years ago, but it has never been taught outside my mastermind groups. I've decided that I've kept this method from the public for long enough!

The way I do SEO is completely different from any SEO training on the market today. For one, it's a lot easier than SEO experts would have you believe. Second, it is my firm belief the SEO should not stress you out or take too much valuable time away from all the other work you must do to make money online with your site, products, or service.

Today, I am very excited to show you how to:

  • Rank in the top 10 for any mid to longtail keyword phrase you want in any niche.
  • Rank in the top 10 for hard, competitive terms as well.
  • Create content that either ranks right off the bat for keywords you want, or ranks within 1-2 weeks for harder keywords.
  • Do it all with a SUPER simple method that puts SEO in its place: working in the background with NO technical skill required.
  • Avoid having to become a geek or master hard-to-understand, complex SEO theory.
  • Save money on paid advertising - you won't need it!
  • Save tons of time because you won't be doing tedious, traditional SEO with my method.
  • Avoid having to hire SEO consultants or specialists - I'm going to give you insight many of them don't even know about!

"I get traffic from over 7200 different keyword
searches per month on just one of my blogs."

"And I'm ready to show you how you can get
the same kind of results with your site!"

top 10 search rankings

Can You Imagine What It Would Mean For Your Business If You Could Actually "Post and Rank" For Virtually Any Keyword On Your Keyword List?

Seriously, think about that for a minute. Then realize that you've finally found what you've been looking for the entire time you've been trying to figure out this "free traffic" thing with SEO.

There's no sweeter traffic than organic, free traffic we get from the engines. We've played around with paid traffic over the years, but the business my partners and I have built has been built almost completely with organic, free traffic we get from the engines.

To date, very little SEO training has been released that doesn't drive normal, non-geeks nearly insane with complexity and massive learning curves. It's time for you to learn SEO tactics that are easy, reliable, and most important, totally guaranteed to work!

I have been keeping one of the web's biggest secrets for over a decade now:

SEO really isn't hard when you know some simple, core tactics and principles.

  • SEO companies would like you to think it is hard so you will hire them for big bucks to do it for you. (And get far fewer top 10 listings than you can with my method in the bargain!)
  • SEO experts who sell long, complicated courses would like you to believe that you need them to explain every little detail of how search engines work.

Guess what? We don't really care how engines work! We just want to get in the top 10 for as many keywords as possible so our sites will profit! Right??

If I just described how you feel about SEO, then read on...

Most people simply cannot believe I can teach them how to rank for hundreds, even thousands of keywords (that actually send them traffic every single month) using dead simple tactics that don't take a brain the size of a planet to understand!

Here's What You Need To Know...

  • Even though certain aspects of ranking change often, the underlying principle of what makes a site worthy of being in the top 10 of any search engine has never, ever changed. (And it never, ever will!)
  • I predicted in 2002, when I released "Power Linking Your Way To 1 Million Hits," that search engines would always have to use certain core factors when deciding who gets ranked on their front page.
  • To this day, since 1998, it hasn't changed one iota!
  • Because of this, ranking in the engines has actually never been easier than it is today.
  • Social media comes into play to exponentially capitalize on the core principle of successful SEO - making your job even easier if you know what to do.
  • SEO is nothing more than a popularity contest. You must know what factors (and there are only a few) contribute to popularity to capitalize.
  • If you think it's just about links, it's not.

Here's The Most Important Thing About Backtrack SEO...

SEO simply has to be easy. Easy to learn and easy to implement and manage. You don't have time to become an SEO expert. You just want the rankings without the Masters degree in search engine optimization!

The Universal Keyword List

There is a list of keywords that all successful sites on the web share, regardless of their niche.

I bet you've NEVER heard something like that before!

It is not a keyword list you use to get ranked in the engines with your content, exactly. It is actually more important than that!

I will share these keywords with you, along with my unusual approach to SEO, the pholosophy behind what I do to rank all day long for practically anything I want, in any niche I go into, and show you live step-by-step examples of my method in action.

SEO As Easy As It Can Possibly Be!

What's going to amaze you the most is how very easy my method is to learn and implement.

In just a couple of hours you will have the entire method down pat, and you can start implementing the Backtrack SEO method extremely fast!

You'll write your content a bit differently and boost the effectiveness of it in the engines with simple tactics, but not by adding hours of work. You'll actually save a ton of time doing your SEO the way I do!

Hint: SEO is as much about certain quality factors in your content as the links pointing to it. Let me reiterate that point: What people say about your site, your content, and your product and/or service around the web is a big-time SEO factor most people do not take into account.

I'm not talking about getting a bunch of manufactured, artificial social media links and bookmarks here. I'm talking about real reactions from people you do not pay or incentivize in any way to talk about your site in key places that Google respects and watches like a hawk!

I will show you how to get people talking about your content on social sites and on other blogs without you having to chase them down or do labor-intensive, fruitless "push" marketing in social circles.

You Don't Need:

  • To become a professional SEO just to get your sites ranked.
  • To spend a ton of time doing SEO the traditional ways.
  • To stop everything else to spend weeks or even months learning way more than you have to.
  • A ton of technical experience. In fact, you don't need any at all!

You DO Need:

  • To save time and get search results like the pros do without being an SEO geek or having to hire one.
  • To have the time to be able to focus on content, other marketing tactics, and taking care of your business and customers.
  • To know exactly how you can assess a page on your site for exactly what it needs to rank and then get it ranked.
  • To know that thousands of people who have had no experience getting ranked in the engines have lucked into it. What you're going to learn with Backtrack SEO is going to prevent you having to count on luck.
  • To know what Google, the gorrilla in the SEO room, really wants and exactly how to give it to them every time you put up content.

Who Can You Trust 100% To Give You The Know-How To Rank?

You do have a handful of SEO experts who are willing to spill the beans on what they know. The problem is, many of the experts are parroting whatever Matt Cutts from Google says or, even worse, telling us to do things that will get us banned from the engines.

Some SEO information on the web, especially in forums and on some blogs, is put there specifically to throw people off the scent of what really works. Yes, there are anti-SEO "experts" out there filling the web with outdated tactics that don't work specifically to get more business by keeping what really works a secret. (If they know the real secret in the first place.)

I've been operating since 1998 (full time since 2002) as an SEO expert who doesn't settle, cut corners, or sacrifice quality for a quick buck. Google is my resume. Just search on my name to find out everything you need to know about me and what I've been up to for the last decade.

PROOF: What kind of rankings do I enjoy?

Video Sites

Blog Marketing Expert

Blog Marketing

Best Article Directories

All of the above are live results you can check out in Google right now if you wish. They are all front page, top 10 results on a tiny fraction of the keywords I rank for on just one site!

More Rankings...

  • link building sites - #1 out of 21 million sites
  • blogging tips - #10 out of 21.5 million sites
  • wordpress ping list - #4 out of 266k sites
  • get more blog traffic - #2 out of 148,000,000 sites
  • blog marketing strategy - #2 out of 12 million sites
  • how to get more blog traffic - #5 out of 117 million sites
  • trackback links - #3 out of 66 million pages
  • best marketing blogs - #5 out of 39 million sites
  • blog revenue - #6 out of 60,900,000 sites
  • blog marketing tactics - #3 and #7 out of 391k sites (jackhumphrey.com and fridaytrafficreport.com respectively)
  • blog success - #1 out of 167,000,000 sites (blogsuccess.com)

And don't forget about the 7200 other keywords I rank for (just on FridayTrafficReport.com!) that send me free traffic each and every month!

"That's fine for you Jack, but you're an old-timer "guru." You know all the tricks and you've been around a long time to make this happen. How am I going to rank like this with my site??"

I am very excited to tell you that after you've learned what I have for you in Backtrack SEO, you will know everything I know about SEO that is working right now!

The most important ranking factors on the web today, tomorrow, and forever. That's right, when you learn the method I've been using all these years, you will not only benefit from more search rankings this month, this quarter, and this year...

... you'll benefit from Backtrack SEO for as long as you have an internet business. Guaranteed!

No other SEO expert on the planet makes such a claim!

This is no flavor of the month club. Backtrack SEO is serious search marketing mojo!

The only thing left for you to do is grab the course while you can and put my easy to understand, guaranteed method to work for your online business.

What's Included In Backtrack SEO...

Backtrack SEO

Over 2 hours of easy video instruction PLUS the Backtrack SEO Guide to give you all the intel and tools you need to become the Apex Rankings Predator in your neck of the woods!

Video 1

  • Introduction
  • Philosophy that Guides BTSEO
  • Universal Keyword List
  • What All Popular Sites Have in Common
  • Getting 100's to 1000's of Keyword Rankings
  • Traditional SEO vs. Backtrack SEO

Video 2

  • The Basics of Ranking
  • Foundation Content
  • Lists
  • Keystone Content
  • Link Bait
  • Tools, Freebies
  • Wordpress Setup
  • Plugins
  • Latest Ping List

Video 3

  • The Easiest, Fastest SEO
  • Reverse Optimization

Video 4

  • Case Studies!
  • Live Results and How It's Done on Real Content
  • Takeaways from Backtrack SEO

The Backtrack SEO Guide

  • Pie Theory
  • Dirty SEO
  • Definitions
  • Plugins
  • SEO Content
  • Steps for Every New Post
  • Reverse Optimization Checklist
  • Link Building Checklist

Everything You Need With Absolutely No Fluff,
Presented In Easy To Understand Manner So You
Can Implement and Start Getting Ranked FAST!

FREE Bonus:
Confessions Of A Creative Marketer With Dean Hunt

In this webinar I did with Dean Hunt, you will learn how to be creative without having a creative bone in your body.

You will be able to come up with killer headlines and great ideas for content that your market desires. Dean is one of the best webinar experts I've hosted for sheer value and actionable content.

And, the webinar itself proved to be just the kind of content we're talking about based on the volume of positive feedback we got afterwards from attendees.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Dean Got On The Digg Front Page
  • Dominate all Social Media Sites
  • Get Huge Amounts of Readers
  • How to Come Up With Creative Content Ideas
  • Become and Authority & tons more...

79 Minute Video Webinar!

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Normally, people go to SEO firms and rely completely on them to get some rankings. They pay anywhere from several hundred dollars for one keyword up to tens of thousands of dollars for more.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

The other not-so-hot option is continuing to buy SEO courses that really don't get the job done, are too complicated, or just plain full of misinformation. This can run you anywhere from a few hundred bucks per year to thousands of dollars over time - with no results to speak of.

People are not only finding the wrong information out there in the wilderness of the web, but they are paying far too much for it.

I'm going to give you the keys to the SEO kingdom through Backtrack SEO for just $47 today.

Everyone will think you are an SEO hot shot when you tell them about your rankings. Only YOU will know that you didn't have to suffer through months and years of training, massive expense, and many failures to get where you are in the engines!

I won't be able to keep the price this low for long. It undercuts your alternatives by so much that I will have to raise the price closer to its real value.

So act today, grab your copy of Backtrack SEO and start getting the rankings you deserve!

Place Your 100% Secure And
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YES! I want to learn the Backtrack SEO method for increasing my rankings and targeting thousands of keywords!

  • I understand I will receive INSTANT access to "Backtrack SEO" and its search engine ranking tactics even it's 2 AM in the morning.
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